I am a fully insured Level 2 Practitioner of BWRT® and I am currently working toward a BWRT® Level 3 qualification (which deals with the psychological aspects of many physical conditions).

I have been a therapist for about 20 years ; hypnotherapy, EFT, Kinesiology. I am constantly updating my skills. I discovered BWRT® 2 years ago and I find it is the most effective technique I can offer people as it can benefit almost anyone.


BWRT® qualifications:

  • Level 1: General Psychopathology

  • Level 2: Psychology of Identity and behaviour.


  • Initial consultation: 30min Phone consultation: Free

  • BWRT® session Level 1: 60 to 75 minutes: £70

  • BWRT® Level 2: Minimum of 4 sessions payable in advance.

Please note that at least 24hrs notice of cancellation is required.

"when I was diagnosed with cancer I approached Françoise to help me with my fears and emotions... She used the BWRT therapy and it worked brilliantly...All my friends are surprised how well I approached my illness and coped with everything and I always tell them this is thanks to Francoise and the therapy we did before treatment"

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